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Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists & Social Workers:
You're a Pro in Health but a Newbie in Business. It's Time to Master the Basics of Business and Become a Certified Private Practice!
And because creating the business means that much to you, I'm going to personally support you every step of the way - checking your work, encouraging your progress and giving you all my help when it comes to implementing what's inside the program so that you can master the business side of private practice, get more clients and have greater financial security.
Instead of Thriving and Flourishing in Your Private Practice, You're Overwhelmed and Trying to do it All on Your Own

Drowning in a Sea of Overwhelm: You go to work and stare at the computer, not sure what to focus on. You fill your time with busy work and while you finish the day exhausted, you know you didn't really achieve anything...

Lost in the Business Maze: Marketing whhhaattt??? No one ever told you that you had to market the practice and yet here you are, posting on IG because someone somewhere said you 'should'. 

Is Anybody Out There?: Despite posting on your socials fairly regularly and blogging, there's little traffic coming to the website and no one engaging your socials (apart from mum and your sister, but they don't really count). It's all quite confusing and defeating...

Brand Confusion: You love your logo and the colours are so 'you', so where are all the clients? And then someone like me comes along and tells you that there's all these other elements of branding that you had no idea about and now you're even more confused.

Tech Nightmares: Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just have a pen and paper and that was all the tech you needed? But no...there's online calendars, CRMs, social media, websites, payment processors, EAP portals and more. It's all too hard sometimes and you just have to walk away.

Few if Any Conversions: You have no idea why clients aren't booking. In fact, you may also be experiencing clients coming for a session or two or three and then disappearing altogether. If you're doing discovery calls, you're also seeing few conversions and have no idea why or how to fix the problem.

Pricing Paralysis: If you chose your session fee because that's what others were charging, or you felt you weren't as good as / as qualified as / as experienced as others, or because you think your clients just can't afford it, then we have to talk. Same if you're offering discounts and concessions. 

Imposter Syndrome: Kind of a right of passage in our industry but it can definitely get in the way of creating the business you really want.

I totally get where you're at right now. I've been in those shoes, walking the path you're on and with nearly 30 years of experience as a private practice owner and health professional, plus my journey as a business coach specifically for psychologists, counsellors, play therapists and social workers, I've seen it all. 

 Every challenge you're facing, every question that's popping up in your mind, I've encountered them too. And guess what? It's all part of the journey.


You've poured your heart into this journey, haven't you? You've dived into online courses, hoping for a lifeline, only to find they barely skim the surface of what you truly need. 

You've scoured blogs and books, piecing together fragments of advice, wishing for a clear path to emerge from the chaos.You've put yourself out there on social media, crafting posts and hoping for a connection, only to feel like you're shouting into the void. 

You've attended networking events, searching for that one meaningful conversation, but leaving with just a handful of business cards and a sense of disconnection.  

You've tried free tools and templates, hoping they'd be enough, only to realise they fall short of capturing the essence of your practice. 

You've experimented, tried this and that, hoping for something to click, but each attempt feels like a step in the dark.  

You've joined coaching programs, craving guidance, only to find generic advice that doesn't touch the heart of your challenges. 

You've wrestled with pricing, wondering if lowering your fees might be the key, but it only left you feeling undervalued.  

And through it all, you've felt the weight of going it alone, wishing for someone to share the journey, to validate your efforts, and to light the way forward.  

You're not alone in this. Your dedication, your passion, and your courage to seek a better way are seen and valued. You deserve a path that honours your unique journey, and that's exactly what we're here to offer.

You can stop the sting of mistakes Made working in solitude, and start experiencing the support of a thriving community of health professionals plus personalised mentorship AS YOU BECOME A CERTIFIED PRIVATE PRACTICE.

Private Practice 101: Master the Essentials and Business Basics of Private Practice And Become a Certified Private Practice 
Your collaborative gateway to success while transitioning from study or employment into private practice:
A thriving support network with all the implementation help you can handle PLUS a comprehensive resource hub for psychologists, counsellors, play therapists and social workers ready to launch and grow your private practice.

Finally, escape the endless loop of DIY uncertainty, dive into a sea of on-demand support for all your burning questions and stop the stress of not knowing if you're on the right path so you can build your private practice faster. If the thought of starting or developing your practice has been making you anxious, get ready to swap that anxiety for confidence, backed by on-demand support and the warmth of our community. Private Practice 101 is your all-in-one solution, ready to guide you to the practice of your dreams so you can become a Certified Private Practice too!


Picture yourself radiating confidence as you lead a flourishing private practice, filled with clients who value your expertise, all because you allowed yourself to access the continuous support and guidance of Private Practice 101.

The weight of Imposter Syndrome, professional isolation, and financial anxiety are challenges of the past.

The endless uncertainty and guesswork about how to actively set up and manage your private practice will be a thing of the past, replaced with clear, actionable steps and reliable on-demand support available as and when you need.

The satisfaction of watching your practice grow and thrive, bolstered by the confidence that comes from having a solid support system ready to assist you with any challenge - tech challenges, website help, marketing guidance - all the things! 

Leave behind the despair that comes from following everyone else's suggestions about what you 'should' be doing and constantly wondering if you're 'doing it right'. Instead, it's time to embrace on-demand support (and as much of it as you like!) to ensure you're definitely 'doing it right' when it comes to the business side of your private practice.


When You Join Private Practice 101,

You Get Everything You Need to Master the Business Side of Private Practice and Become a Certified Private Practice - FAST!

Money Flow Workbook for Private Practice Owners (value $27)

Money Mindset Journal for Therapists (value $33)

Private Practice Owners Money Survival Guide (value $27)

My Proven Process to Release Fear & Doubt in Business (value $37)

CEO Mindset for Therapists in Private Practice Workbook (value $33)

Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome: Workbook (value $27)

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Audio Training (value $33)

Empowerment Meditation for Therapists in Private Practice (my members RAVE about this!) (value $33)

Ultimate Private Practice Vision Process with BONUS Canva Template (value $33)

From Vision to Action Therapist Planner for Private Practice (value $37)

Private Practice Planner for Therapists That Want to Open to Clients From Day One (value $47)

Roadmap to Transition from Paid Employment to Private Practice (value $27)

Income Setting Worksheet for Private Practice (value $33)

Ultimate Income & Expense Tracker Dashboard for Private Practice (value $147)

Therapist Home-Office Expense Calculator (value $27)

Twice Monthly Live Coaching Calls (value $450)

Monthly Trainings for Private Practice (value $150)

Community for Networking and Support (value $priceless)

New Team Member Onboarding Checklist (value $35)

Hiring Your First Team Member Checklist (value $35)

Employee Handbook Template (value $27)

Sub Contractor Handbook Template (value $27)

Employee Attendance Dashboard (value $97)

Task Allocation Dashboard (value $97)

The Private Practice Niche Clarity Workbook (value: $27)

Ultimate Guide to Branding Your Private Practice (value $47)

How to Name Your Private Practice (value $17)

Brand Message Meditation Tool (value $27)

Private Practice Branding Mood Board Templates (value $97)

10 Customisable Private Practice Logo Pre-Designs (value $97)

Private Practice Branding Checklist (value $37)

Client Welcome Pack Template (value $33)

Aftercare Program Training for Therapists - Create Your Own Aftercare Program (value $197)

Professional Email Signature Templates (value $27)

Customisable Private Practice Intake Form (value $27)

Customisable SOAP Notes Template (value $17)

Financial Flow Process for Managing Third Parties and Clients That Don't Pay (value $97)

Fee Schedule in Private Practice with Recommended Prices (value $55)

Create Stable Income in Private Practice From the Outset Worksheet (value $33)

Private Practice Forms and Policy Checklists (value $21)

How to Scale Your Private Practice including Templates (value $197)

Selling Your Private Practice (value $97)

Coaching Call Replay Vault (value $999)

24/7 Support - All Questions Submitted Answered Within 24 Hours Where Possible (value priceless)

And these bonuses

Suicide Risk Assessment Bundle for Therapists in Private Practice (value $47)

How to Double Your Private Practice Income in Less Than a Month (value $priceless!)

The Ultimate Private Practice Planner (value $37)

The Updated Psychology Today Profile Writing Toolkit (value $37)

The Therapist Media Kit (Increase Your Referrals Quickly!) (value $27)

How to Make EAP Actually WORK for Your Private Practice Roadmap (value: $147)

The Lazy Therapists Guide to Booking Clients in Your Instagram Stories Roadmap (value $27)

The Private Practice Pop-Up Group Replays (value $297)

Therapist Peer Supervision Corner (value $500)

Ultimate Process to Attract More of the Right Clients in 30 Days or Less to Your Private Practice ($27)

The Therapists Guide to Managing Failed Payments and Cancellations ($37)

The Ultimate Group Therapy Fee Guide (Know What to Charge for Group Work) ($27)

Monetise Your Private Practice Blog ($27)

Canva Quick Start Guide (value: $27)

Private Practice Software Comparison Worksheet (value $19)

The Session Fee Calculator for New Therapists in Private Practice (value $47)

The Clients-Quickly Roadmap for Therapists in Private Practice (value $27)

The Connect With Purpose Roadmap to Increase Inquiries (value $27)

The Visibility Booster for New Private Practices - Exclusive to PP101 (value $37)

The Ultimate Daily Focus Planner for Private Practice Owners (value $37)

The Canva Private Practice Website Template (value $33)

The Independent Contractors Guide to Contracts in Private Practice - Read This Before You Join Another Practice! (value $197)

The 30 Day Visibility Challenge for Therapists (value $27)

Therapist Brochure Template Pre-Filled With Bonus Content Prompts (value $21)

Private Practice Fee Schedule - All Things You Should Be Invoicing for But Didn't Know You Could (value $33)

Get Paid to Grow Your Audience (value $47)

Certified Private Practice

Achieving certification enhances your professional image, setting you apart in a competitive market and instilling greater trust in your clients, referrers and third-party stakeholders. It not only signifies your commitment to practice but also supports your professional development. As a certified private practice, you'll enjoy exclusive networking opportunities, connecting with like-minded professionals and gaining access to collaborative and referral benefits. Additionally, your certified status serves as a powerful marketing tool, attracting more clients and allowing you to feel confident pricing for your services. This certification is not just about recognition—it's about empowering you to achieve greater success and fulfilment in your private practice journey.

Plus....My Exclusive 'Success Together' Guarantee

Stepping into the world of private practice or boosting your bookings can seem overwhelming, but you're not alone. With Private Practice 101, I promise unwavering support until you've confidently opened your doors or witnessed an increase in bookings. I'm here to provide continuous guidance, tailored advice, and comprehensive private practice resources to ensure your business journey is smooth and successful. Together, we'll tackle every challenge and celebrate each milestone. Your dreams and goals for your practice are my commitment, and I won't rest until you’ve mastered your business basics and set your practice up to achieve them!

Early Bird Bonuses!

Be one of the first TEN (10) to join and receive x2 x30 minute private, 1:1 business coaching sessions with me that you can use anytime within the coming 12 months for help when you need it with your private practice! (value: $497)

Be one of the first THIRTY (30) to join and receive my much loved Money Intensive where we'll be on a live call and work through money blocks, limiting beliefs, biz strategy around the finances in private practice and more! (value: $197)

Join us in the Private Practice 101 course and get started right away:

  • Thriving community of health professionals sharing the journey to private practice
  • Templates, workbooks, resources, planners and more to make your life that much easier
  • Twice monthly networking and connection coaching calls
  • All questions answered within 24 hours so you can get on with things
  • Constant upgrades at no extra cost so you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Option to complete the three core modules, Plan, Create and Open your practice as Certificates that can be used for CPD points (assessments included for each)
  • Access to 1 x30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me (Brooklyn)
  • Access to 1 x30 minute BONUS check-in call with (Brooklyn) that you can coaching, mentoring or support
(Best Value!)
  • Thriving community of health professionals sharing the journey to private practice
  • Templates, workbooks, resources, planners and more to make your life that much easier
  • Twice monthly networking and connection coaching calls
  • All questions answered within 24 hours so you can get on with things
  • Constant upgrades at no extra cost so you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Option to complete the three core modules, Plan, Create and Open your practice as Certificates that can be used for CPD points (assessments included for each)
  • 1 x30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me (Brooklyn)
  • 1 x30 minute BONUS check-in call with me (Brooklyn) that you can use for coaching, mentoring or implementation support

In their words...
Why Private Practice 101 Is Right For You

  • Want to Start or Grow Your Private Practice: You have a heart for counselling, psychology, therapy or social work and want to set up your own business, your way on your terms.

  • You Didn't Get Results From Other Programs: If you didn't get results from other business courses, it's likely because they weren't relevant to our unique industry (where we work with vulnerable clients / there are ethical considerations) or because they were strategy-heavy. PP101 sees the value in the role that mindset plays and teaches you how to recognise where to adopt a business mindset so you can make the right decisions for the practice - consistently.

  • You Are Coachable: You love to learn and are hungry to finally get the right information on the business basics for your practice! 

  • You Implement Things: You know that the true value of any course or training is in the implementation. It gets us out of fear, out of confusion and out of overwhelm and on the fast-track to results.

  • You Want the Recognition That Comes From Being a Certified Private Practice: Certification provides your business with trust, authority and credibility. That's why when you complete the program, you'll receive a Certificate as well as a Logo that you can use on your website and in your marketing that gives clients confidence that they can trust your practice.


  • You're Looking for Quick Fixes: You want immediate results or shortcuts to success without being willing to engage in the process of learning and growth. This program doesn't work if you don't.

  • You're Not in the Field of Counselling, Therapy, Psychology, or Social Work: The program is specifically tailored for professionals in these areas, so those from unrelated fields might not find the content relevant or applicable.

Hey! I'm Brooklyn

My journey into the heart of private practice has been more than just a professional path; it's been deeply personal, filled with moments of vulnerability, challenges, and profound realisations. I've felt the weight of uncertainty, the sting of setbacks, and the isolation that can come from navigating this journey seemingly alone. 

I know the longing for a mentor, for someone to demystify the complexities of building a practice that doesn't just survive, but truly thrives. This is why Private Practice 101 was created. It's for you—the heart-led healers, the dedicated practitioners who've faced the daunting question of "Where do I even start?" It's for those of you who've felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions, from choosing your niche to setting your prices, and the very real fear of "What if this doesn't work?" 


Private Practice 101 is more than just a course; it's a space for shared experiences, a place where your challenges are understood and your dreams are validated. It offers not just strategies and tools, but a community and a mentor who knows the private practice terrain because I've walked it myself. 

This program is designed to hold space for your growth, to turn the overwhelm into actionable steps, and to transform the fear of failure into the courage to flourish. With Private Practice 101, you're not just learning how to build or grow your private practice; you're embracing the journey of becoming the practitioner you're meant to be—confident, successful, and deeply connected to your purpose. 

Everything You Need to Master the Business Basics & Become a Certified Private Practice is in Private Practice 101

Structured 3 Phase Roadmap

Dive into a roadmap that's like your personal GPS for starting a private practice. It's clear, it's step-by-step, and it's going to take the guesswork out of your journey.

The Resource Vault

Get your hands on the ultimate toolkit – workbooks, planners, and more! These aren't just goodies; they're your secret weapons for turning dreams into plans.

Exclusive Member Community Access
Join a collective of like-minded souls. This community is your new support system, your brainstorming crew, and maybe even the place you'll find your new biz bestie.

E24/7 Help and Support 
It's like having your own support squad, ready to help you conquer any challenge, any time of the day. Your journey to a thriving practice doesn't have to be a solo adventure!

Monthly Live Q&A Calls
Got questions? Get answers in real-time with our monthly live Q&A sessions. It's like having coffee with a mentor who's there to guide you through every twist and turn of your practice journey.

Mentorship From an Expert
Think of it as having a business bestie who's there to share all the insider tips, cheer you on, and help you navigate the exciting world of private practice.

And get it all done with amazing help from our coaches + community…

Say goodbye to feeling isolated as you navigate this new path. Our community is here to walk alongside you, sharing insights, experiences, and those 'me too!' moments.

Imagine having a group of friends who totally get what you're going through. That's what our community is all about – learning from each other, growing together, and celebrating every win.

A place where connections are made effortlessly. Our community is a networking goldmine, helping you build relationships that could lead to collaborations, referrals, or even lifelong friendships.

All for only $97 a month

Or save when you pay in full!


  • Exclusive Members Only Platform
  • Live Q&A CallsMonthly Bite-Sized Trainings
  • All the Tools, Resources and Templates You Need to Get Started in Private Practice
  • Learn and Grow as a Member of the Community
  • BONUS Ultimate Practice Practice Success Checklist
  • BONUS Business Card Templates

$777 / Year

  • Exclusive Members Only Platform
  • Live Q&A CallsMonthly Bite-Sized Trainings
  • All the Tools, Resources and Templates You Need to Get Started in Private Practice
  • Learn and Grow as a Member of the Community
  • BONUS Ultimate Practice Practice Success Checklist
  • BONUS Business Card Templates

Total Program Value: $5775
Here's Some More Inspiration From My Lovely Members!

Join me for this intensive where you'll walk away with a customised brand new offer for your clients and a new way to secure bookings from new clients that you'll be able to use right away! This method replaces discovery calls and free 15 minute chats! 

Value: $97

In this exclusive workshop, you will set up not one, but TWO automations that will both grow your audience and increase both inquiries and bookings. The best part? Once it's set up, it happens mostly on autopilot! 

Value: $97

Join me for this intensive where you'll create your own brand message for your practice in your voice AND you'll walk away with at least one piece of copy ready to go on your website! 

Value: $97
      Did You See These Amazing Inclusions?!

This program for therapists in private practice includes training and education that is broken down into 3 core modules, each of which includes videos, workbooks and tools, a module assessment and certificate to verify your course completion! Of course, completing them is totally up to you but they are there if you want them.
The complete course dashboard is available immediately, so you can dig in right away (if you want!) and join us for our next live coaching call!

Fire away…
  • What's a Certification?
    Upon successful completion of the program (submitting course work for feedback and review, participation in group coaching calls, completing all lessons and passing the assessments), you will become / your practice becomes a Certified Private Practice (CPP) with the Private Practice Guild Australia.

    You will receive your Certificate along with a Trust Logo that demonstrates your practice has achieved Certification. You can use the logo on your website and marketing to build trust, authority and credibility in your community, field, niche, referrers and with your audience and potential clients.

    The Certification is with Dr Brooklyn Storme.
  • Does my private practice have to be Certified?
    No, you / your practice does not have to be Certified. In fact, you are most welcome to move through the program and dip and out of the modules and lessons as you need them. You don't even need to do the assessments, unless you want the PD / OPD / CE points. The Private Practice Certification is an option for those health professionals that would like it.
  • Is this a membership or subscription?
    No. This is a course - it is not a membership or subscription. The course is $777AUD when you pay-in-full and I'm also offering payment plans to make accessing the course more accessible for anyone that wants to take advantage of the low payment plan. The payment plan is $97AUD per month x12.
  • Does this only work for Counsellors or Psychologists?
    This program works for allied health professionals and those working in the health and wellness space. Currently, the program includes a lovely mix of psychiatrists, GPs, Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Yoga Therapists, Music Therapists, Art Therapists and more!
  • I'm still studying. Should I wait until I've completed my studies to join?
    No - in fact, if you intend to open a private practice, then PP101 will help you get set up without the overwhelm (don't worry) so that when you finish your qualifications, you can open to clients.
  • I'm already in PP. Do I need this?
    Yes and no. If you are in private practice but not yet seeing the results you want, then it's absolutely possible you're missing some of the key foundations that your business needs. In this case, the program will help by addressing that and giving you those foundations.

    If you're in PP and need everything is going well except you're not getting clients, then you'd better be helped by the Marketing With Soul program.

READY TO JOIN US IN Private Practice 101?

Imagine this: You're finally stepping into your role as a private practice owner, creating a space where your clients feel heard and supported...and you've achieved this because you were able to ask questions, check that you were on the right track and get help implementing things (like tech or marketing!) along the way.

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