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Marketing With Soul

Picture your private practice flourishing without the drain of aggressive sales pitches or misaligned marketing. With 'Marketing With Soul', you'll not only save precious time and money but will also authentically attract clients who deeply resonate with your values. It's the heart-centred growth your practice deserved yesterday.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just let your genuine self shine in your practice's promotions instead of wearing a marketing mask?

DIYing your marketing in a field as intimate as ours can feel like assembling a puzzle with missing pieces: endless searching, uncertainty, and a sinking feeling that you're not doing it right. But with "Marketing With Soul," you'll transition from feeling lost to authentically connecting with clients swiftly and seamlessly.

Here's What You Get With The Marketing With Soul Program:

Module One: Soulful Synergy - Crafting Your Ideal Client Profile & Fostering Genuine Connections

Create Your Dream Client Profile

Marketing Mindset Checklist

Work With Your Deck for Mindset Success

Release and Let Go Process for Old Beliefs

Transformational Copy Method

Connect With Your Inner Guidance - Quantum Leaping Meditation

Module Two: Magnetic Offer Design in Private Practice: Sculpting Services that Resonate: From One-on-One Sessions to Group Programs

Create Your Irresistible Offer

Heart Guidance Meditation to Unlock the Right Offer For Your Business

Module Three: Value-Driven Offerings in Private Practice - Ensuring Your Services Reflect Your Core Beliefs and Integrity

Belief Alignment Processing 

Empowerment Meditation to Build Marketing Confidence Through the Subconscious Mind

Module Four: Conscious Marketing in Private Practice - Exploring the Four Levels and Their Application in Client Attraction

Marketing With the Four Levels of Consciousness

Higher Self Meditation 

30 Content Marketing Plan

30 Day Visibility Challenge

Social Media Planner

Book Clients in Your IG Stories + Story Template Collection

Vlogging Essentials Checklist

The Shy Person's Guide to Selfies for Building Connection With Your Audience

Build Your Social Proof Ethically

All About Endorsements and Why You Must Get Them!

My Audience Accelerator Cheat Sheet

Module Five: Balancing Energies in Marketing - Mastering the Masculine & Feminine for Optimal Client Engagement

Masculine & Feminine Energy and Their Roles in Marketing

Module Six: Rituals for Growth - Crafting Daily Practices to Elevate Your Private Practice

Create Rituals for Your Business That Support Client Attraction and Business Growth

Download my Energetic Protection Posters and Use Them to Support Your Marketing and Overcome Fear

Inner Guidance Meditation

Module Seven: Audience Amplification - Designing Your First Engaging Opt-In for Growth in Private Practice

Create and Launch Your First Opt-In / Lead Magnet

Create Your Lead Magnet Automation & Attract Client Inquiries and Sales on Autopilot

How to Create Your Instagram Business Profile (The Right Way)

How to Schedule Posts Using Canva

How to Schedule Posts Using Meta

Create Your High Converting Website

Module Eight: Holistic Integration - Crafting Cohesive Offer Presentations, Building Trust Through Emails, & Scaling With Affordable Ad Strategies

Create an Attractive Mock-Up / Graphic to Sell Your Services and Products

Set up Your Email Sequences

Connect Everything so it All Runs Smoothly

Build Your Audience With my $5 a Day Ad Strategy

Grab Your Daily Client Attraction Plan

Know What to Actually Write in Your Emails and Posts

Module Nine: Conversations That Convert - Perfecting Inquiry Calls & Effective Client Follow-Ups Without Delivering a Free Counselling Session

How to Follow Up With Clients

What to Say When Potential Clients Message You on Your Socials

Your Automations Checklist

And additional benefits! "Guided Success": Monthly Coaching Calls Tailored to Your Marketing Needs, the "Community of Souls": Connect with Fellow Health Professionals on the Same Journey and, the "Swift Feedback Loop": Submit Work for Constructive Review & Rapid Video Responses.

Unlike other marketing programs, "Marketing With Soul" delves deep into heart-fuelled strategies, ensuring you connect authentically and powerfully with your ideal clients. 

(even if you've felt out of touch with traditional marketing methods, our approach brings you back to what truly matters.)

Three Easy Steps to Attracting Clients

Step one : Clarity

You will nail your niche - no more getting lost in the white noise!  Start getting traction on your marketing.

You will develop your unique offer (things you sell ie counselling sessions are offers) & structure. You'll be able to articulate what problem you are solving, for who and how as well as be able to convey these things in a way that resonates with your ideal client

You will master your marketing mindset allowing you to finally attract the clients that are waiting to work with you

Step two : Balance Your Energy

You will learn about the 4 levels of consciousness in business, know where you are and what to do in order to market more successfully

You will learn how to leverage the level of consciousness you are bringing to your marketing so that you can attract clients with ease, grace and flow. Marketing is equal parts strategy, mindset and energy!

You'll create three rituals that you can use every day that will support you in your private practice when it comes to marketing

Step three: Easy Leads & Inquiries

You will learn content marketing, how you need to show up, what types of content exist, what to include on your website / social media / email and when to share it. No more guesswork.

You will learn about ways to grow your audience that lead to dream clients booking inquiry calls with your private practice

You will complete the program with automations in place to receiving inquiries and start booking new clients!

Resources, Community, Coaching + 24 hour support included!
Go at your own pace!
This is NOT a membership or subscription. It IS a self-study course that you can access on demand. For additional support, you have the option of joining and participating in our community and in our monthly coaching calls.

Submit work as you complete it for fast feedback!
Wherever possible, feedback on your work is provided within 24 hours and it's provided by video so you can see over my shoulder as we identify opportunities to make your marketing soar!

Unlimited support in the group!
You have access to our community 24/7 and again, all questions are answered as soon as possible. Share your insights, ah-ha's, breakthroughs and updates. We are here to support you every step of the way and are excited for your success!

...all from as little as $297 a month! (fully tax deductible!)
What you get with the Program

Heart-centred client profiling - Dive deep into understanding and connecting with your ideal client.

Authentic offer creation - Craft services, whether individual sessions or group programs, that truly resonate.

Alignment with core values and integrity - Ensure your offers reflect the essence of your beliefs and integrity.

Four levels of consciousness marketing - Utilise profound understanding for effective client attraction.

Balance masculine and feminine energies in marketing - Integrate both energies for holistic and balanced marketing.

Rituals for business growth: Daily practices specifically designed for the enhancement of your private practice.

Audience growth through engaging opt-ins: Create content that doesn't just gather emails but starts the relationship journey.

Plus these bonuses...
BONUS Number one

Complimentary pass to the popular PP101: Start Your Private Practice group coaching program, valued at $47USD p/m! Access x2 live coaching calls p/m, a resource vault, thriving community and monthly trainings. 

BONUS Number two

I'll personally review your copy for your website / marketing plan / marketing strategy / branding or anything you else you'd like me to help with when it comes to marketing. This is separate to help in the group and the review will include actionable steps you can implement right away to start getting results! Value $397USD


Receive the Therapist Audience Growth Bundle and keep it forever! My members LOVE this resource because it provides a clear, easy-to-use plan for marketing their practice once they have completed the Marketing With Soul program. Value: $47USD

And You Have These Bonuses Too! 

How to Get Results with MWS

Self-Accountability Contract

Pre-Work Meditation

Vision Board Pre-Work

Discover Your Energy in Private Practice

Facebook Ads Training

LinkedIn Marketing Bonuses

Intuitive Development Workbook

12 Universal Laws and What They Mean for Your Business

Step-by-Step Process to Working with Universal Laws in Your Business

Psychology Today Profile Booster

The Fully Booked Private Practice Planner

Create Magnetic Headlines for Your Emails, Blog Posts and Socials

Referrer Correspondence Bundle | Marketing

Payment plans available! Fully tax deductible in Australia! 

Hey, I'm Brooklyn!

In my journey through the wellness sector, I faced the same challenge many of you currently wrestle with: How do you market authentically in a world that often prioritizes volume over value? My background in allied health professions gave me an intimate understanding of the deep connections we seek with our clients, yet traditional marketing methods seemed impersonal and off-key. This dissonance led me to explore other solutions — from costly marketing seminars to so-called 'industry-leading' tactics — but they lacked the soulful touch our profession demands. Frustrated but determined, I blended my industry experience with heart-centered principles to craft 'Marketing With Soul.' This program is more than just another marketing guide; it's a reflection of our shared values, dedication, and commitment to genuinely connecting with those we serve. Together, we'll discover how authentic marketing doesn't just attract clients—it resonates with the very essence of who we are.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • Is this a course or a coaching membership?
    Marketing with Soul is a course that includes a community where you can access coaching and feedback, 7 days a week.
  • Do I have to attend classes?
    No. The program includes videos and tangible deliverables so that you can go at your own pace.
  • What if I don't like marketing?
    You're not alone! I didn't like it either - in fact, that's why I created this unique approach. You won't feel like you are marketing at all. It's all going to feel really organic, genuine and authentic.
  • Can I cancel my subscription / membership?
    Marketing with Soul is a course - it is not a membership or subscription service that can be cancelled. Easy payment options have been created so that you can get the help you need at a fraction of the cost!
  • What's the difference between Marketing With Soul and The Happy Practice Digital Marketing Program?
    You're probably wondering what sets the Happy Practice Digital Marketing Course apart from Marketing With Soul, right? Both are amazing, but they offer different vibes and benefits.

    Marketing With Soul is my heartfelt creation for private practice owners who want a compassionate, soulful approach to growing their practice. It's like my baby!
    On the other hand, The Happy Practice Digital Marketing Course is a dynamic collaboration with industry pros. Not only do they keep the content fresh and current (how awesome is that?! ), but you also gain access to a bustling community platform where you can connect, learn, and grow with others on the same journey.

    While Marketing With Soul is tailor-made for the private practice realm, The Happy Practice Digital Marketing Course casts a wider net. It's comprehensive but doesn't lean into the 'woo' factor.

    Now here's the cherry on top : You can resell the Happy Practice Digital Marketing Course if you wish! Yes, you heard right. This offers a fabulous way to add another revenue stream to your business, alleviating the need to always book one-on-one sessions.

    So, not only can you level up your digital marketing game, automate your workflows, and boost inquiries, but you can also make some extra cash by sharing this amazing resource.

    So what'll it be? Ready to take a leap?

A Self-Study Program With Community Support and Monthly Coaching
I asked my students to let me know how they felt after joining and completing Marketing With Soul. Here's what they said:

Immediate Relief: As you delve into the program, a wave of relief washes over you. Finally, marketing tools that not only make sense but resonate with your soul. It's like finding the missing puzzle piece you've been searching for all along.

Empowered and Inspired: The moment you dive into "Marketing With Soul," you feel an unshakable sense of empowerment. It's as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, replaced by a newfound inspiration to market your practice in a way that aligns with your core values.

Grounded Yet Elevated: Exploring the program, you immediately feel both grounded and uplifted. The tools are so intuitive that it feels like a return to self, but they also inspire a sense of elevated possibility that your practice can genuinely thrive in a way that feels authentic to you.

Invigorated with Clarity: The simplicity and focus of the tools invigorate you. For the first time, you see a clear path forward for your practice's marketing—a path that not only resonates with your philosophy but makes the often-overwhelming process feel surprisingly doable.

Future-Proof Your Inquiries, Referrals & Bookings

Beyond its soulful approach, 'Marketing With Soul' is also designed for sustainability. In a world where marketing trends fade as swiftly as they appear, this program equips you with timeless strategies. So, not only will you be attracting clients that resonate deeply with your values, but you'll also be building a resilient practice poised for long-term growth and success.

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