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Sam, a 27-year-old counselling student, was both excited and nervous about her educational journey. 

While she was passionate about helping people through emotional and psychological challenges, she also had heard cautionary tales about limited career prospects in counselling. This left her caught between enthusiasm and apprehension. 


Searching for additional support, she discovered the Diploma Counsellor Specialisation (DCS) Membership. 

Intrigued by the offer of monthly trainings, group peer supervision, and a supportive community, she decided to join. 

Right from her first interaction, Sam felt welcomed and supported. 

The Group Peer Supervision sessions became a place where she could gain both professional guidance and emotional support. The monthly training modules further deepened her skills and helped her excel in her coursework. 


As she engaged more with the DCS community, her initial fears began to wane. 

She met members who had defied the limiting stereotypes about counselling careers, and this gave her hope. The program also exposed her to useful training modules that her formal education hadn't covered, adding a complex layer of expertise to her foundational studies. 

Moreover, her interactions within the community helped her set healthier boundaries, enhancing her overall well-being and allowing her to focus better on her studies. 


By the time she was nearing the completion of her Diploma, Sam's outlook had radically changed. 

Her fears about limited career pathways had been replaced by a vision of a fulfilling career filled with untapped opportunities. Today, Sam is an empowered future counsellor, backed by a skill set, unwavering confidence, and a community that will continue to support her long after her graduation. 

She attributes this transformation to her invaluable experience with the DCS Membership, and she looks to the future not with trepidation, but with exhilarating anticipation. 

*This member story has been de-identified and specific names and details changed to protect privacy in accordance with ethical guidelines.

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Join a supportive community of like-minded professionals, offering mutual encouragement and advice.

Gain professional validation and empower yourself, reinforcing your worth and effectiveness as a diploma-qualified counsellor.

Access continuous learning opportunities designed specifically for diploma-qualified counsellors, fostering your professional growth and skill enhancement.

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Exclusive Diploma Counsellor member portal

Live monthly coaching call & replay

PD / OPD / CPD / CE trainings 

Monthly group supervision online 

Case study library

Monthly supervision journal 

Member exchange

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Authority creation process

24/7 written help during business days / hours

Supportive community of other counsellors

BONUS resources including templates, workbooks, done-for-you resources and more added monthly

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  • Is this only for Diploma qualified Counsellors?
    It's for all Counsellors that have obtained a Diploma in Counselling / are working toward it, and have opened a private practice / want to establish a private practice.
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    Great question! After you purchase, you'll be taken directly to the community!
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    Absolutely! I mean, we'd be sad to see you leave but we'd understand and there'd be no hard feelings.
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    I am an independent Professional Supervisor who operates independently of affiliations with ACA or PACFA. I hold accreditation and recognition from a reputable professional supervisory body, and my qualifications include extensive training in the field of supervision, bolstered by over 25 years of practical experience. As part of my commitment to professional development, I engage in ongoing supervision for my role as a supervisor.

    Upon participating in my supervision sessions, all attendees are furnished with a certificate of attendance. The value of these sessions, in terms of their applicability towards your own Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements, will depend on your specific membership affiliation. It is worth noting that the recognition and applicability of this supervision may vary among different membership bodies, but it is recognised and accepted by many relevant organisations in the field. Therefore, I encourage you to assess whether my supervision aligns with your individual requirements and organisational affiliations to ensure it serves your professional development goals effectively.