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Use the NEW way to Create Additional Income for your private practice FAST

even if  you only have 10 minutes a day, don't have any clients yet and only have the FREE version of Canva

Get LIVE coaching, ON DEMAND training, tools, templates and 24hr support for only $47 per month

Most coaches charge anywhere from $97 - $997 for this kind of value but I decided to create a membership every therapist could afford for just $47 p/m. 

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Here's what you've been told to do to try and create passive income in your coaching business or therapy private practice

Start a blog - because everyone's doing it

Start a podcast 

Set up a YouTube Channel and monetise it (easier said than done and who's got time?)

Write an e-book and live on the royalties

Create an online course 

Create an app 

But're exhausted, aren't you? And when is this business going to start making money?

You're tired of having to explain to everyone why you're not making money (yet)

You have the drive and motivation to create a passive income stream but don't know what next step to take - it's so confusing

You've already spent WAY too much time (and money) trying to  get one set up on your own

Yes, this is sooo me!
Or you could join 103+ therapists and coaches that are creating passive income selling things they already have or creating new things to sell right now:

Here's what happens when you do that: 

You start to implement new behaviours that generate income

Your mindset shifts and as a result, you're happy to share your products with your audience and finally be seen!

Imposter Syndrome melts away as you dissolve the blocks behind it

Your inbox and diary start lighting up with Stripe and PayPal notifications!

You confidently transition from paid employment to online digital biz owner minus the fear

You show up with confidence, integrity and authenticity 

You're proud of what you are building

You know how to leverage your digital products to create time and income

Employee mindset is released as your new CEO mindset develops

And because of your vision, you get to work with digital products that bring you joy, where the work is fulfilling and leaves you feeling energised

I'll be honest with you
Getting to this point wasn't easy

When I started out in private practice (my business), I really struggled to start and develop it. After almost becoming burned out as a result of doing all the things I thought I needed to do and focus my attention on, I knew I needed to do something else. It was scary to think about doing things differently. I realised I'd become trapped in believing my busy-ness was shifting the needle...but it wasn't. I was hiding behind being busy. 

So I started looking around for ideas and inspiration to add extra revenue to my business, without me spending time I didn't have on creating it. There were so many shiny objects out there and I must have bought every one of them, hoping and praying that eventually, I'd have the secret ingredient to creating a passive revenue stream that I was hungry for. But that never happened. 

So I went back to doing all the things and exhausting myself trying to make lovely digital products like journals and planners...but they just weren't selling.

After purchasing my fair share of products ranging anywhere from $27 - $50,000, I realised two things: 

1) There is no secret trick to creating passive income (yay!) and

2) Many passive income programs feel dodgy or icky, are heavy in terms of their time commitment, and just feel misaligned. 

And that's when I realised that the approach I used in the beginning, actually works best.
So I re-focused on it and as a result, created an aligned passive income pathway that gave me more time, more customers and more income all without feeling like I wasn't good enough or that I wasn't cut out for business, copying what other people were doing or putting even more pressure on myself.

Now I feel like a weight has been lifted because I know exactly what to do to create dependable passive income for my business.

I grow and expand my business with excitement, knowing I get to help more people and not worrying about things being icky or hard.

But the formula doesn't only work for me. It works for my clients and members. 
The Makers Society

your step-by-step pathway to creating  a passive income stream with digital products (selling things you already have like your own worksheets or learning how to modify and sell other people's templates from PLR platforms - PLR means Private Label Rights) that is both authentic and aligns with your values FAST! And start attracting the dreamiest clients that want your digital products and will happily pay for them!

So you can finally...

Reduce stress and anxiety so that you can focus on the things that truly matter in life, such as spending time with loved ones.

Experience increased freedom and flexibility even if you have a busy work schedule, by creating passive income streams that generate revenue even when you're not actively working.

Enhanced creativity  which means you get to work in new and innovative ways!

Build a legacy so that you leave a positive impact on the world that can continue to generate income for future generations.

Greater control over one's financial situation and future because you are not dependent on a single source of income.

When you join the other 103+ members in Digital Products Success Hub

You get everything you need to QUICKLY build your digital products and establish your passive income stream for your lovely private practice or coaching business FAST! 

It can really be as easy as 1-2-3










When you join The Makers Society, you get immediate access to:
($1497 VALUE)

Increased confidence knowing you now have a plan to follow

Boosted productivity because you know what to focus on now

Better work-life balance so you can present when you're with loved ones


Expert guidance in real-time on what works / doesn't 

Increased accountability ensuring you take action on your goals

Faster progress on planning, creating and selling your digital products

($9,997 VALUE)

Flexibility - with 24/7 access, you can learn on your own schedule

Convenience - being online means you can learn from anywhere

Practical tools that you can access to manage the business effectively


Peer support and networking opportunities

Access to group expertise and wisdom from other therapists

Get help for all of your queries quickly

About Author

Hi, my name is Brooklyn,

I believe in giving therapists and coaches everything they need in order for them to prosper and thrive without financial pressure. That's why I created a simple pathway that you can follow to plan, create and launch your very own passive income stream with ease, grace, flow and of course, enjoyment! 

When it comes to creating passive income, I believe that: 

It gets to be easy creating additional income pathways  

Future-proofing your coaching biz or therapy practice is a necessity 

Every drop in the bucket adds up!  

You get to create things that add even MORE value to the amazing work you already do and get paid for it 

And.....get this! 

I'll even show you exactly where I get my templates (so you don't have to make your own - the biz I get my templates from is LEADING EDGE!), and

I will show you how to take things you've already created for your coaching biz or private practice and turn them into sellable products even if you're not tech savvy

- Dr Brooklyn Storme PhD

You'll also get access to these amazing bonuses, to help you get started easily!

Self-accountability contract to help you get results FASTER!

Regular sprinklings of surprise BONUS kits, bundles and packages for your therapy practice and coaching biz!

Opportunities to promote your products to my 6K email audience and 10K online audience

Members are saying...

Even if you only have 1hr (or a cancellation / no show!) to dedicate per day, you'll be well on your way to planning, creating and selling your lovely digital things in less than a week!

If you're ready for all that and more, then the Digital Product Success Hub was created for YOU!

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$470 p/y 





I want there to be no excuse for you to keep holding yourself back from being successful and feeling confident in your private practice or coaching biz. That's why the Digital Product Success Hub for Therapists and Coaches was designed to make it easier and faster for you to create an extra source of income, with support, coaching, an exclusive member portal, community, resources and more that allow you to learn in a way that works best for you and your busy schedule.

Have a burning question?

  • What happens after I join?
    Immediately after you join, you'll be taken to your member portal where you'll create your login. Once inside, you'll have access to all of your resources, training and more plus be able to access the community!
  • I'm a new business owner and don't have clients / customers. Should I wait to join?
    No. In fact, you'll be able to create a successful practice more quickly than others that don't know the pathway and that don't have the understanding, knowledge or resources. In the Digital Product Success Hub, you'll walk away with sellable products!
  • Can I wait and join later?
    Of course you can but I can't guarantee it will be at this low price.
  • I'm not a business owner yet. Will this still work for me?
    Yes! Learning how to set up a passive income stream is important for everyone - even people that are new to business and new to selling.
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    Yes! There's a 7 day no questions asked money-back-guarantee.

Stop procrastinating and use my step-by-step pathway to plan, create and launch your passive income stream FAST!

Join The Makers Society
If you're asking yourself...

"I already bought so many things that didn't help me and I can just get help in the free Facebook groups anyway so why do I need the Digital Success Hub anyway?"

This is not like what you've bought before - you're going to plan, create and launch your passive income stream using the new way - the way that aligns with your values so that you can have a deeply authentic and genuine practice

This will help you go from chasing potential clients / customers and worrying about money, to attracting them which means you'll have a steady stream of ideal clients coming to you, allowing you to build a thriving business and enjoy the financial security and freedom you've been dreaming of

This will allow you to get the accountability, step-by-step processes and feedback you need to create your successful private practice so that you can finally achieve your dream of helping others, enjoy healthy work-life balance and live the life you deserve

There is no risk and you can cancel anytime (7 day money back guarantee)

The Digital Product Success Hub doesn't only give you the theory and knowledge, it also gives you templates, swipe files, mediations, visualisations, scripts and worksheets that you can use immediately to create, plan and launch your  practice without the stress and overwhelm of starting from scratch.

You aren't alone in this journey anymore. Be part of a supportive community that understands your journey without judgment or competition, and receive the guidance and encouragement you need to build the passive income stream of your dreams

This costs less than your takeaway but unlike the takeaway, this has the potential to change your whole life bringing your from dream to reality, from chaos and confusion, to simplified and successful when it comes to creating your passive income stream

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