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5 Fee Scripts for Therapists
Includes BONUS email / letter scripts / templates for each one!

Easter Promotion: Day One

I know it's hard sometimes to discuss money with clients so I created this bundle of fee scripts. 

  • 5 scripts for fees: discussing fees, discussing health insurance reimbursements / rebates, discussing outstanding payments, discussing hardship and communicating sliding scale policies
  • BONUS 5 email / letter templates - one for each script
  • Edit to match your private practice brand voice and personality in Google Docs
  • Add them to your operations folder to ensure standardised processes throughout the practice

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Money Mindset Journal for Therapists

Use this if you struggle with things like setting the right fee for your practice, raising your session fee, processing cancellations and asking for pre-payment for sessions because it's going to help you! 

When we struggle with the financial aspects of business, it has a knock-on effect. We can find ourselves over-servicing clients, not having healthy work boundaries in place, on the road to burnout and of course, experiencing the pang of Imposter Syndrome. But this journal helps you to avoid this. Here's how: 

Understand limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thought and behavioural patterns and help you to shift them 

Gain clarity on what lifestyle would actually make you feel abundant and what you can do to make it happen 

Reveal what purchases are emotionally charged and how to relief the charge so that you can make decisions that are good for you and serve your long term goals 

Map out how you can translate your desires into a clear vision that you can then break down into goals and small action steps 

Make a game plan on how to hold yourself accountable and really follow through with sustainably changing your money mindset and financial situation this time

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